Useful Hints

1. Making sure a Malanseuns plant has enough water is

important and must be done correctly. The growing

medium is a unique combination of composturised

wood shavings and sandy loam and the necessary

fertiliser needed to ensure decent growth. The best

result is achieved when the soil is always moist. A

simple test can be carried out to ensure that the

plant is wet – squeeze the bag. If the bag cannot be

indented, water immediately and repeat a second



2. Overhead irrigation; minimum per watering of

±12mm for 4 ℓ bags, 18 mm for 10 ℓ, 25mm for

20 ℓ containers.

3. Should you water by hand, use a spray head. Always

spray from the top – if not the soil will be lost. Test

if bag is wet by using Hint 1.





Once the plants are placed in the exhibition area, use

compost to fill up the bags. Broken stakes should be

replaced. Old flowers, twigs and yellow leaves should

be removed regularly. The plant should not be kept in

the same container for more than a year.





During the propagation period the plants have ample

“feed”. After delivery, fertiliser should be given from

spring until autumn at least every six weeks. During

winter give fertiliser only once. Fertiliser must NEVER be

strewn on dry plants. We recommend 2:3:2 (22) to be

used on most plants.

Fertiliser must not be strewn near the stem. The plant

must be watered immediately. When using a soluble

fertiliser, please follow the manufacturers’ instructions.




Plants should be inspected regularly for diseases and

treated with the correct spraying programme. When

using a spraying programme, remember not to water

the plant for at least 4 hours afterwards.

NB! Please read the manufacturers’ instructions,

before you commence spraying.


Sucking and biting insects:

• Merit®

• Confidor®

• Malasol

• Insecticide granules

Rust, Leaf Spot or Downy Mildew, and Black Spot:

• Bravo 500

• Virikop

• Rosecare 3

• Folicur®

• Funginex




1. Dig a hole twice the size of container.

2. Soak the plant thoroughly in a container of water,

if possible. Larger containers must be drenched

thoroughly with water.

3. Mix the removed soil with half compost

4. Scatter some soil mixture on the bottom of the

hole, so that when plant is planted, it should be

slightly below the actual soil level.

5. Fill the hole with water and let it drain.

6. Remove plastic bag or container from the plant

and place it in the hole.

7. Add the rest of the compost mixture into the hole.

8. Ensure that the soil around the plant is firmly

pressed down.

9. Make a dam around the plant and fill it with water.

10. Fertilise with granular fertilizer, as indicated by the

manufacturer, once the plant is established (±3

months) after planting.

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