Special Notes

PBR – Plant Breeders Rights Pending: Protected plants may

under no circumstances be propagated or sold without

the written permission of the lawful agent. Royalties are

payable on any plant protected under PBR. Under no

circumstances may the plant be registered or sold under

any other name. All protected plants are delivered with

a royalty label in the form of an orange price tag and/

or a coloured tag, which may not be removed under

any circumstances. It is an indication that the plant

was obtained legally from a lawful grower. Only the

perforated price may be removed if need be.


(N) – Registered Plant Breeders Rights.


TM – Trade Mark Pending. The commercial name of the

plant is registered with the Department of Trade and

Industries and protected under the Trade Marks Act. The

name is not allowed to be used by any other person

other than the registered agent. Written approval must be

obtained from the registered agent before the name may

be used.


® – Registered Trademark.


GA – Gentleman’s Agreement is made between gentleman

growers, for the privilege of growing a specific variety,

which the agent or founder launched in South Africa.


WATER WISE – means that some plants can survive with

less water than others. Malanseuns recommends some

plants that are deemed ‘Water Wise’. These plants must

be settled in your garden for a period of six (6) months or

longer before being classified as ‘Water Wise’.


NEW RSA – New introductions in South Africa will be

available during the course of the next 12 months in the

relevant season. For further details contact your agent or

sales person.



NEW MPP – New to Malanseuns product range


VG – ‘Value Garden’ is a more affordable alternative

without compromising product standard and quality.


PW Pots – Proven Winner Pots

Please take note that the measurement for the Proven

Winner pots differs from our normal range and size (as

stipulated in our price list). Due to the fact that the Proven

Winners pots are measured with the inside diameter

compared to our normal range of pots which are

measured on the outside diameter.


LP – Landscaping Pack

A range of suitable ground covers grown for landscaping

use in a 32 cavity pack.


Plastic pot size indication and measurement

Malanseuns plastic pot size indication in the past

was done according to local standards and South

African measurements, which was measured using

the inside diameter of the pot. Internationally the pot

size measurements are done measuring the outside

diameter of the pot. Malanseuns is dealing with local as

well as International customers and suppliers and the

different measuring systems created a lot of confusion.

As a leading supplier we have decided to standardize

and to conform to the International standards and

measurements and for this reason you will notice

in our price list the new pot size measurement is

indicated first and the old pot measurement is in




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Malanseuns sell only to the trade and deliver by road to all of South Africa as well as neighbouring countries, like Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, etc. Retail sales are done through its chain of Garden Centres.