Malanseuns Pleasure Plants was founded in 1913 by Danie Malan, just outside Pretoria on the Northern slopes of the Magaliesberg, and is still situated there today. It was started as a deciduous fruit tree nursery, with surplus fruit trees for sale to the public. In 1957, four of Danie's sons started growing ornamental plants as a complementary business, and eventually one of the sons, Jimie, became the sole owner. In time, ornamental container-grown plant developed into the main core

of the business, and today, Malanseuns Pleasure Plants is a proud world leader in this field.

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We can help you decorate or find the perfect combination of plants for your display or garden.

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Malanseuns sell only to the trade and deliver by road to all of South Africa as well as neighbouring countries, like Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, etc. Retail sales are done through its chain of Garden Centres.